Thursday, May 29, 2008

Not enough green leverage...

I was disappointed to find out today that Carrefour will only be charging less than 1 yuan (7 yuan makes up one U.S. dollar for now) for per a plastic bag to customers that don't bring their own. Unfortunately, I don't think this "financial burden" will convince anyone to make a concerted effort to bring cloth bags to the grocery stores.

This is somewhat similar to the situation in the U.S. with gas prices. It's only $4 a gallon gas that will convince someone to use public transportation, buy a more fuel efficient vehicle, and rethink their habits. (My husband, Josh, has been saying this for awhile and here's an excellent Thomas Friedman column on the topic,

Some people need to lose green before they decide to go green. The consequences are immediate and personal. I guess, that's the incentive for change that works the best.

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